Dozie Obayi

I’m a diligent young individual who has about five years’ experience as regards to work. I’ve worked mostly in the ICT sector as a web developer, IT support and equally as an ICT officer/manager. I believe my present skillset would enable me to be indispensable to any firm or company I get to have any practical experiential engagement with.

What I Do


I create top notch mobile responsive ecommerce platforms which will help boost your sales tremendously. No matter what you're selling, an ecommerce platform can help you reach your prospective customers easily. My ecommerce platforms are eqaully equipped with payment processors which can help you receive money in any currency of your choice.

Web Development

I specialize in developing amazing, visually stunning and mobile responsive websites at affordable rates. From the chocie of hosting server down to the quality of code, I ensure my clients get the very best in web technologies. Websites are a good way to make your brand legit to your customers or target audience. It equally puts you on the global market and makes you easily accessible with just a click. Contact me today lets introduce you and your product to the world.

Digital Marketing

Need help boosting your brand awareness? Then look no further. I specialize in making You known to the world. Asides websites being an awesome way to connect with people online, there are other tools like search engine optimization which would further help boost your brands awareness to your customers. Contact me today!


What comes next after your website has been set up? Management of course! My website management services ensure you're always online 24/7. Never missing a sale or an enquiry from any of your clients. Adding content to your website per request among others is one of the services I offer under management. Contact me today lets bring your site up to speed and good health.